Exclusive: Trump campaign considering putting resources in Oregon


In fact, Oregon is so blue that it has not voted for a Republican to the presidency since 1984. But the Trump campaign is overflowing with money and looking for ways to spend its money and time wisely for that Democrats are trying his luck against President Donald Trump.

Pollster Tony Fabrizio gave CNN a memo about the Trump campaign. He proposed ideas for "broadening the map" to give the president more options to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win reelection, including mentioning Oregon.

In the memo, Fabrizio claims that New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada – all claiming that Trump lost in 2016 – are now "very competitive". These are three states where the Trump campaign already has resources on the ground.

Oregon, however, is not a man's land for the national GOP. The last Republican to have played early for Oregon was George W. Bush when he applied for re-election in 2004, since he had won nearly 8,000 votes from Al Gore in 2000. But Bush lost Oregon by 4 percentage points against John Kerry.

Nevertheless, a source in Trump's main campaign told CNN that she was considering recruiting staff to "test the waters" in Oregon after hearing Fabio and having talks with counterparts. of the Republican National Committee of Congress. The committee also hopes to recruit a strong candidate for the GOP to challenge long-time Democratic representative Peter DeFazio.

Certainly, the Trump campaign is no illusion as to the possibility of winning Oregon at this stage, but they also know that states that are resuming activities such as Pennsylvania, Michigan or even Iowa, where the president gets himself makes Tuesday, are hardly insured.

"If we are not in a month and that an earlier victory like Michigan is not possible, it would be nice to know that other states are options," said the senior advisor .

In addition, the Trump team knows from experience that pushing against the tide can pay off. When they spent money in Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016 and sent their nominee there, many thought it was a race for a crazy, up to what Trump is rendering these red states for the first time in a generation.

Oregon is now represented by Democrats in the seat of the governor, the Senate and all but one of the seats in the House. Nevertheless, a source from the Republican Party of Oregon insists that there is an "undercurrent" of dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party, particularly because of the housing of increasingly unaffordable in cities, crime and homelessness.

An official of the Democratic Party of Oregon insists that Trump has no chance in his state.

"It makes sense for the GOPs to be interested in restoring their reputation here, their party has forbidden to put children in cages, to suppress health care for working families and to violate the Constitution." the way of Oregon, "said Molly Woon. Deputy Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. "They are welcome, but they should be prepared for an icy reception from the voters of Oregon."

Unsurprisingly, the Republican Party of Oregon is looking forward to the national party investing there for 2020.

"Everyday, Oregoners see that President Trump is tackling big problems and making the economy a great success." This creates a powerful contrast between the policies outlined in the speech. Democratic presidential election of 2020 and the promises held and the successes of President Trump.Oregon continues to shelter an increasing number of forgotten men and women, particularly in rural Oregon, a major theme of his campaign since 2016, "said Kevin Hoar, director of communications at the Oregon Republican Party.


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