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Expanding projects and visions of 2018 OnMSFT.com

While coming out of doors with a relatively un-partnered position on software licensing, Microsoft has used its Inspire 2019 conference to reinforce this year's new features and partner support for the various products with which it wants to encourage resellers, such as Azure Lighthouse, the Intelligent Security Association program, the new ISV Connect apps and more.

During the opening day, various Microsoft executives explained to partners how to take advantage of new monetization models, rewarding programs for partners to publish software and SaaS services based on one or more Microsoft clouds, including Microsoft. 365, Dynamics 365 Power Platform and Microsoft. of course azure.

Speaking of Azure, new AI programs can be used by partners, such as Microsoft AI for Cultural Heritage, part of the AI ​​for Good program, used to help preserve and celebrate peoples, languages , places and historical artifacts from around the world.

Inspire introduced new cloud adoption frameworks this year, which should greatly benefit partners who need to support their customers as they transition to the cloud. Beyond that, Microsoft also provides an Acclerate program that partners can choose if they want to create and market their own artificial intelligence solutions faster, which will leverage Azure, Knowledge Minning, and Machine Learning. other applications and artificial intelligence agents.

Microsoft executives also discussed the availability of a new Quantum development kit and Azure Kinect development kit.

Perhaps the biggest novelty of Inspire 2019 for the casual participant was the milestone reached by Microsoft teams for daily active users. The company was proud to announce that the teams had just crossed the bar of 13 million daily active users.

After a little over two years on the market, Microsoft Teams now has 13 million daily active users (DAU) and 19 million weekly active users (WAU). In addition, the teams are now available in 52 languages ​​in 181 markets, strengthening the global workforce. Some of the world's most successful and innovative companies are now using teams including Adecco, Lexmark, KONE and McCann Worldgroup.

Reaching 13 million euros is not only a huge marker for teams, but it's also the first time Microsoft has posted daily and weekly user numbers. We will see if the trend continues. Other team-related news features include new platform tiering capabilities, integration of contact center solutions into teams, and a test run by a Microsoft partner.

Finally, some references to Microsoft's Software and Systems Academy, which is helping to train and transition US service members and veterans, have now reached 14 sites in North America.

The continued expansion of the military partner program will enable the MSSA to reach its goal of training 1,000 participants per year, helping to transform the face of the information technology sector.

There seems to be a lot to be learned from this year's Inspire conference, but the biggest success seems to be the continued development of most of its existing projects by Microsoft, while pushing its partners to ensure that their partners place their services Azure Cloud at the heart of most of his projects. However, with the new licensing rules, it will be interesting to see how well its partners over time master new software and programs.

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