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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The video confrontation is not new, but the power of social media has caused instant outrage online and, in some cases, has affected companies to the person filmed.

The sociologist tells KRON4 that it is essentially about justice, especially for people of color and other marginalized groups who do not get justice through official means.

Instant justice?

This is a phenomenon that seems to take off.

Becky BBQ, Permit Patty, Jogger Joe, and now Burrito Bob.

Each viral video inspired a massive violent social media reaction to the person being portrayed.

In each case, they threaten to call the police for a minor offense, and in at least three of the four videos, the target is a person of color.

"One thing we must recognize is that these callers are all white and that the white population does not understand what it is that to be a person of color vis-à-vis Police report: Just a minor thing really strikes fear in many African-American communities and other poor and marginalized communities who see people of color being a target of the police more often than they do. do not help them, "said Kim Richman, professor of sociology and law. at the USF.

And this is not just an online reaction.

The woman known as Becky BBQ inspired "BBQ While Black" – a big public show of unity at Lake Merritt a few days after the viral video surfaced.

CEO Alison Ettel aka Permit Patty resigned after at least six marijuana sellers gave up his product.

The man surnamed Jogger Joe was arrested after throwing the affairs of a homeless man.

"And this is not far-fetched although previous cases are much more serious, it's not an exaggeration to say that these minor incidents are related to the trend we've seen of police brutality being filmed, where individuals are literally killed on film … and then the author, usually a police officer, is not charged and is not held responsible, and members of the community can extrapolate I can draw something from it: "nothing happens, unless I draw attention myself to myself," added Richman.

Richman tells KRON4 that we will continue to see this trend as long as people of color will not receive justice through official means.




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