The sawmill fire that burned more than 45,000 acres in southeastern Arizona in 2017 was filmed and aired Monday in the Arizona Daily Star.
US Forest Service, US Forest Service

A video released Monday by the US Forest Service shows how a gunshot fired the April 2017 sawmill fire that burned about 45,000 acres in southern Arizona.

The video was filmed by a witness at a party revealing the genre and shows a target that was set up to help determine if a newborn would be a boy or a girl. A shot rang out just before a black square-like target, labeled "boy" and "girl" placed above shrubby meadows, exploded and a fire broke out.

The video was originally obtained from the Forest Service by Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, which allowed him to The Republic of Arizona.

In the middle of shrapnel, dust and fire, a blue smoke hovers in the air, which usually indicates that the expected baby is a boy.

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The father, Dennis Dickey, an officer of the US Border Patrol in Tucson, pleaded guilty in September to having opened fire, according to the US Attorney's Office in Arizona.

According to previous reports, nearly 600 firefighters and other staff members worked in the fire, which forced more than 100 people to evacuate their homes and caused damages worth $ 8 million .

As part of a plea agreement, Dickey has accepted a five-year probation and a repair allowance in excess of $ 8.1 million. He agreed to make a down payment of $ 100,000 and monthly payments thereafter, officials said.

On April 26, 2017, the Arizona Department of Forests announced that the sawmill fire had reached 20,000 acres. On the night of April 27, 2017, the fire burned nearly 47,000 acres. (Photo: Arizona Department of Corrections)

Sean Chapman, Dickey's lawyer, said L & # 39; star in September that Dickey lit the fire at a sex revelation party while his wife was waiting for a baby.

Dickey was not on duty at the time and placed tannerite, an explosive substance, in the target, the US prosecutor's office announced in September.

When the target was hit, the explosion caused a fire that spread into the Coronado National Forest, as well as lands managed by the State and Bureau of State Land Management. States, as well as on private lands, officials said.

In the 49-second video, which draws images of two people running near the fire, someone is heard yelling "start packing" twice.

Dickey immediately reported the fire to law enforcement, cooperated and admitted that he had lit the fire, the US Attorney's Office announced in a press release.


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