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Facebook, Google and Amazon dominate the digital economy: Chart

There is a lot of money to be gained in the digital economy. And currently, a lot of that money goes into the coffers of three companies in particular.

Google, Facebook and Amazon are among the most valuable technology companies in the world. And as this graph shows, based on eMarketer data, the three companies totally dominate certain segments of the US online economy. (Axel Springer, the parent company of Business Insider, also owns eMarketer.)

In the United States, for example, more than two out of every three dollars spent on digital advertising goes to one of the three companies. Unsurprisingly, Facebook takes the lion's share of social media advertising and reduces the gap with Google on mobile ads.

With calls to master the power of big tech companies, and some like Senator Elizabeth Warren even saying that it's time to dismantle some of these companies, the market share figures below represent an inconvenient truth – no matter what companies can say about competition being "just a click away."

Olivia Reaney / Business Insider

Amazon is a growing powerhouse in digital advertising, but its true stronghold remains its online retail business, with 37.7% of all online sales made in the United States at Amazon's cash register. This figure is notably the result of a downward revision carried out by eMarketer as a result of new information regarding sales to third parties of Amazon – the research firm had previously estimated that the share of D & E Amazon in the United States e-commerce market was 47%.

While the television industry is amazed by the internet, Google and Amazon are also well positioned to take advantage of new sources of revenue. Nearly 27% of consumers watching video streaming on a US TV screen look through Amazon, while almost 17% watch via a Google service or device. Note that the estimate of "over-the-top" viewers, which refers to a video broadcast on the Internet regardless of a traditional television service, is greater than 100% due to the overlap of consumers using multiple services.

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