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Facebook has a "black problem": Mark Luckie, former employee

A former Facebook employee accused the company of having "a black people problem" in a note posted Tuesday on the social network.

"There is often more diversity in Keynote presentations than in the teams that present them," writes Luckie in the note, which he initially shared with Facebook employees on Nov. 8.

"In some buildings, there are more posters" Black Lives Matter "that there are real blacks. Facebook can not pretend that it connects communities if these communities are not proportionally represented in their workforce. "

Luckie 's note gives an overview of what it is like to be black in Facebook, but this is not the first time that Facebook' s lack of diversity is exposed.

"You can build something that works, that people want to use, but you can not make all the right decisions if diversity and perspective are not enough among the builders," said Maxine Williams, head of diversity at Facebook, in July.

Highlights of Luckie's note include anecdotes about how he and other colored employees are treated by their colleagues.

"On a personal note, at least two or three times a day, every day, a colleague from MPK [Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park] will look at me directly and tap or hold his wallet or slip his hands in his pocket to grab it until I pass, "wrote Luckie.

Another former Facebook employee who recently left the company and who is also in the minority told CNBC that Luckie's rating was "unfortunately not surprising".

"Facebook is touting diversity and inclusion as it's a marketing opportunity, and that may give them a real sense," said the former employed at CNBC. "But with regard to the tactical and daily integration of their formation of" unconscious bias ", this remains a group of extremely privileged whites who make discriminating and discriminatory choices like other white leaders in the sector.

Luckie's note comes at a difficult time for Facebook, which is already under the microscope for its treatment of Russia's interference in the US elections and the spread of misinformation about its services, as well as stagnation and the decline in the number of users in key markets.

"Feeling like a quirk in your workplace because of the color of your skin while passing posters reminding you of its authenticity, feels unauthentic," wrote Luckie.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Here is the full note:

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