Facebook has accidentally hidden phrases like "Big Brother is Watching" in Oculus Touch VR Controllers


"Hi iFixit, we see you!"

By Adam Bankhurst

Facebook has accidentally added "Easter egg" tags to tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers, including phrases such as "Big Brother Looks" and "This Space to Rent".

Nate Mitchell, co-founder of Oculus and responsible for Facebook's virtual reality product, has Twitter to explain this question and stated that although he "appreciates the Easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been deleted".

These labels were integrated into the Oculus Touch VR controller's internal hardware, with the final production material showing "This space to rent" and "Masons being there". Some development kits were sent, which were non-consumer units, and included the phrases "Big Brother Looks" and "Hi iFixit! We see you!"


Mitchell confirmed that, even if these labels were included, "the integrity and functionality of the material were not compromised, and [they] fixed [the] process so that it does not happen again. "

The Oculus Touch controllers were first launched in 2016 and in our review we said that "Touch controllers are the best available VR controllers and accessories needed for the Oculus Rift".

As for upcoming orders for the Oculus Touch controllers, they will be part of the fully autonomous Oculus Quest game this spring, which will be launched with the first episode of Vader Immortal, a Star Wars VR series on which we recently got hold of .

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Adam Bankhurst is an editor for IGN who conceals the phrase "I can not wait to play Vader Immortal" on these controllers. You can follow him on Twitter @ AdamBankhurst.

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