Facebook has accidentally shipped virtual reality equipment with hidden conspiracy messages inside – TechCrunch

In the almost weekly tradition of Facebook Speaking of something embarrassing this Friday, the company now fears that thousands of new generation virtual reality helmet controllers are generating "egg" messages written on internal components that are not intended – Prototype editions.

"Tens of thousands" of consumer units not yet released have the expressions "This space for rent" and "The masons were there."Writes while some developer units have" Hi iFixit! We see you! And, perhaps even the most embarrassing, "Big Brother is Watching" inscribed on the inside.

The admission was made by the VR product's Facebook manager, Nate Mitchell, in a set of tweets.

The company is preparing for the release of two new virtual reality products, the $ 399 Oculus Autonomous The Quest VR system and the Oculus Rift S at $ 399, connected to the computer. Despite the fact that they address very different audiences, the systems share the same touch controllers concerned with this problem.

For the most part, it's a bit silly and funny; It's a little awkward for a finished hardware product to have phrases with a conspiratorial tilt inside of it, but it also affects buyers without any sense because it's only visible if you lift it, this that you have limited reasons to do unless you are really I am fixing it.

That said, it is better to avoid criticism and to prevent consumers or developers from opening their headphones to find some of these phrases. For a company that has had so many privacy issues over the past year, sending your major hardware versions to some developers with "Big Brother is Watching" is not the best look.

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