Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have dropped again

Photo: Jenny Kane (AP)

Facebook and its affiliates Instagram and WhatsApp experienced widespread blackouts Sunday for the second time last month (and the third time this year), reported issues beginning around 6:30 and ending around 9:00.

For Bloomberg, the Facebook and Instagram domains ceased to be accessible to users during this period, while Messenger and WhatsApp were also non-functional. In a statement to the news agency, the company gave some details:

Earlier today, some people may have had trouble connecting to the family of apps. The problem has since been solved. we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Users around the world seemed to be affected, Bloomberg noting that Twitter users from the United States to Israel and Thailand were complaining about the outage.

The last time this happened in mid-March, Facebook blamed a "server configuration change" that resulted in a series of unprecedented and persistent cascading problems for more than 24 hours. As noted by The New York Times, even the platform's bug reporting system has become inaccessible: it's a black eye for a service that (at least in theory) is never supposed to go away .

This incident is nowhere near as serious: DownDetector, the fail-monitoring service, reported reports reaching tens of thousands on Sunday, while it listed millions of reports during the mid-fall. March.


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