Facebook Messenger deploys grouped responses to help you follow conversations.

Facebook Messenger now allows you to quote individual messages in a chat and respond to them.


Following conversations in a group discussion on Facebook Messenger can become much easier.

On Wednesday, the company deployed a message response feature that allows users to respond to a specific message in a conversation. Long-press a message and tap Reply to quote it above your answer so everyone understands what you're saying.

Facebook redesigned Messenger application earlier this year, adding features such as color gradients and conversation controls. Last month he launched a feature that allows users delete messages until 10 minutes after their sending.

The company said in January that it plans to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram messaging so users can send messages between the three applications while separating them.

Messenger has around 1.2 billion monthly users, Facebook said in 2017. All users worldwide will benefit from the new message response feature.

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