Facebook would be working on a new application called Threads


In an attempt to catch up with Snapchat, Facebook would be working on a new application called Threads, which will allow users to share their status, location and other information with their closest friends.

The app will be designed as a companion app for Instagram, The Verge reports, and is designed to allow users to share information with the list of their "close friends" on Instagram. The application is already tested internally on Facebook, but the company has declined to comment for the moment.

The screen shots of Threads, the new Facebook and Instagram messaging application have already been obtained by the media. Although they are not captured in the application, some features are visible, such as automatic sharing between users and people on their list of "close friends" on Instagram.

Users will be able to choose to share automatically, while the app will update the status of the user sharing information with their friends, such as location, speed, and so on. Apparently, Facebook has chosen not to let the app share your real position in real time. It will warn your friends that you are "on the move".

There is also an option that will allow Threads users to update their status manually. However, sharing information is only a secondary goal, because the core of the application remains messaging. All friend messages will appear in a central stream and there will be green dots indicating which of your friends are active.

Whenever one of your friends posts an article on Instagram, you will see it in Threads. In addition, the application has a camera that allows users to capture photos and videos, which can be sent to close friends.

Unfortunately, it's hard to know when and if Facebook will actually release Threads to the general public. The internal tests are intended to determine if the application may be useful or not. It will take a while before hearing about it again. or not.

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