Failed at Union Station? Traveling in Uber and Lyft suburbs will cost you a lot.


Commuter prices in the suburbs have skyrocketed – they have often doubled in recent hours – while an Amtrak signal problem is prompting thousands of commuters in the Chicago area to look for new ways to get home Thursday night .

The Uber and Lyft routes between Union Station and Buffalo Grove Metra Station were estimated at about $ 78 each shortly before 4 pm. Thursday. An hour later, just before 5 pm, the trip cost nearly $ 138 on Uber and over $ 90 on Lyft.

At 3 pm, this trip to Buffalo Grove cost about $ 96 on Uber and about $ 55 on Lyft.

"It's busy," warned the Uber app. "Rates are higher than usual."

Metra advised people leaving Union Station to find alternate routes to return home on Thursday, as an Amtrak signaling problem that disrupted morning commutes persisted into the afternoon.

Every railway line operating from Union Station is affected.

Shortly before 4 pm, a return trip from Uber to Lyft to Glenview Subway Station would have cost passengers more than $ 50. A little before 5pm It was about $ 100 on Uber and between $ 60 and $ 70 on Lyft.

The price of a trip to Naperville at 17h. had reached $ 121 on Uber and over $ 90 on Lyft. An hour earlier, the journey costs about $ 65 with Uber or over $ 86 with Lyft.

A trip to Orland Park via Uber at 5:00 pm cost $ 94. Lyft charged $ 85. At 4 pm, Uber and Lyft charged $ 54 and about $ 74, respectively.

Choosing the Pool option and riding with other passengers was a little more affordable, costs being reduced by at least $ 10 in most cases.

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