Fake models give us another look at iPhone 11 models


The number of rumors and leaks on the iPhone 11 continues to grow: yesterday we heard new predictions from analysts and we now have new models to review.

Shared on social media and reported by SlashLeaks, the models appear to have been made to help case designers prepare for the new batch of phones in September.

iPhone 11 leaked

iPhone 11 leak (credit: SlashLeaks)

If these models of housings are authentic – and there is always an "if" with a leak of this type – they do not tell us much that we do not already know, but they save the previous rumors.

There are indeed versions "iPhone XI" and "iPhone XI Max", supposed to be 6.5 inches and 5.8 inches in terms of display dimensions. What we do not see here is the tracking of the iPhone XR, but who knows how Apple will name it?

What we think we know up to now

The configuration of the three-lens rear camera we've heard so much about is highlighted again. So it seems quite likely that this is the way Apple is going this year.

Everything will be unveiled in full in September – as last year, rumors suggest that three models of iPhone 11 will be on display, with three different screen sizes.

Apple is about to introduce bidirectional charging into the iPhone lineup in 2019, but we have also heard unofficial rumors claiming that the battery would increase dramatically.

In addition to all this, you can expect the usual slowdown in speed and performance as Apple tries to keep pace with competing handsets, including the Google Pixel 4.

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