Fall Foliage Map 2019 – When will the leaves change this fall?


  • The 2019 fall foliage map of SmokyMountains.com predicts the exact time when leaves will change across the United States.
  • The map uses NOAA precipitation forecasts, historical precipitation, average daylight exposure, and temperature forecasts to forecast peak foliage periods.

    Autumn is almost here, everyone!

    Unpack your most comfortable sweaters and sponge up your favorite fall recipes as the leaf season is coming. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this time of year (whether you are visiting a pumpkin farm or decorating your porch), everything on your list of buckets is the best. autumn is more festive when it is decorated on a beautiful foliage.

    This year, you can plan ahead by specifying exactly when leaves will change in your area, thanks to an interactive map of fall foliage.

    "The predictive map of leaves in the fall helps travelers, photographers, and potential leaf observers determine the exact date on which leaves will peak in every region of the continental United States," the report said. scientist Wes Melton in a press release.

    Autumn in Vermont

    Autumn leaves near Killington, Vermont, during the high season of foliage.


    "By using the date picker at the bottom of the map, the user can visually understand how fall will unfold in a region. We believe that this interactive tool will allow travelers to take more interesting vacations, take great autumn pictures and enjoy the natural beauty of autumn. "

    While it is impossible to predict with 'total' certainty * when the foliage will reach its peak, this map uses a 'unique blend of historical and forecast data' to create a predictive algorithm based on science and meteorology.

    "The main factors affecting peak fall are sunlight, rainfall, humidity and soil temperature," Melton said. "Although we can not control Mother Nature and guarantee 100% accuracy, our data sources are at the forefront and we fine-tune our algorithmic model every year to achieve superior accuracy over time."

    Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to plan our fall getaway!

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