Fallout 76: a blow to redemption?


Fallout 76: a blow to redemption?

I was going to write about Elder Scrolls Online's E3 ads after BE3, but the unexpected happened: Fallout 76 had the most interesting listings of Bethesda online games. To know? Fallout 76 adds real NPCs, a branching dialog, more quests, and more in the next big update, Wastlanders. But, understand this, they also add a Battle Royale mode that will also give you rewards to use in the main survival game. I do not even know what to think …


On the one hand, the very idea of ​​Wastelanders as the second year coach of Fallout 76 seems to exactly match what people were hoping for at the launch of the game: a more traditional experience of l & # 39; 39, history of Fallout. It is undeniable that the game has improved steadily in the months following its launch and that when the roadmap announced that Wastelanders was getting ready, that's exactly what I was hoping for.

What I did do not Nuclear was winter, the big update this summer, being a royal battle at 52 (?) people.

To be honest, this mode seems pretty fun and I'm always comfortable with games that experience BR modes as part of the main game. What we do not need are other complete "Just Another BR" games. Heck, I would take a BR in ESO – why not? The key to Nuclear Winter is that it seems to give more ways to earn rewards / skins and bonus cards, without necessarily being a mode that you will have to play if you do not want to. I make For example, apparently, the progress of Nuclear Winter will allow you to gain experience and levels for your Adventure mode character.

A free trial for Fallout 76 this week, starting today, includes the opportunity to test Nuclear Winter during the test as a preview of the new mode. I'll think about it, of course, but it's not the update of Fallout 76 that really fascinates me.

Wastelanders, the big update this fall, brings the return of human NPCs to the world of Fallout 76. It also brings diverse conversations, choices and consequences, and even companions, a way to make solo adventures in FO76 a little less solitary. If Dogmeat (or a similar character) is there, I'm sold. Heck, he even has two distinct factions with which you can join. Of the site:

"The factions of adventurers and settlers seek to appropriate the world and claim a fortune. Who you talk to is yours, and your choices will determine their destiny. Settlers and looters will introduce you to unique companions, stories and many new weapons and armor to win. Wastelanders will fundamentally change the way you live Fallout 76, which should happen in the fall of 2019. "

For a mode as fun as the sound of Nuclear Winter, it's a thing you have to waste time on until the fall, because Wastelanders seems to be the patch that could finally allow FO76 to "be worth the price". admission". However, I start to wonder, with the free trial if BGS does not test things for a complete conversion to F2P with Wastelanders. Fallout 76 is always present in a key community, and even I still play from time to time. But as the game continues to improve, it will also reintroduce those who wrote or uninstalled it – an F2P conversion with a bold new story and the experience of Fallout could be the silver bullet.


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