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Fallout 76 Battle Royale Beta extended indefinitely – Game Rant

Bethesda announced at last week's E3 press conference many additions and updates ahead. Fall 76 as well as a free trial period for the game that ends today. If getting a chance to try the game for free was not enough, Bethesda revealed his Nuclear Winter mode, his own test of the royal battle genre. Although the mode was considered a "beta glance" during the trial period, it does not look like a royal battle and Fall will be separated soon.

Thanks to the positive welcome Fallout 76 & # 39; s Nuclear Winter receives since the start of the free trial period, Bethesda announced that it had decided that the Royal Battle Mode would remain online indefinitely. In Nuclear Winter, 52 players are forced to fight to be appointed Reserve Watchman 51. Players can use various items and weapons known around the world. Fall uncultivated lands, such as powerful armor and turrets. Another added feature is the building of the base, similar to the way Epic Games Fortnite allows players to build but with a Fall aesthetic.

It has been well documented that Bethesda's first attempt to create a live online only service Fall game did not take place as well as expected. Even before its release, Todd Howard, director of the game, confessed that he was aware of the problems of Fallout 76. After a fragile launch and the following months of "damage control", in the form of bugfixes, large patches that have both solved and created new problems, and poor communication of pre bonuses -command, things finally seem to have directed the direction of Bethesda. .

With this myriad of problems solved, the team can now focus on its next update of Wastelanders for Fallout 76which should be launched later this year. The two most important additions to the update include new major quest stories and NPCs added to the uncultivated world of West Virginia. Currently, players can only talk to robots and electronic devices in the open world, and it seems that Bethesda has listened attentively to the community's reaction to the changes ahead. As promised, the Wastelanders Update, along with all of the content that follows, will be available at no additional cost.

Even though the initial welcome of the players and critical critics for the game were not what they had intended to do, Bethesda was successful in winning back the players who may have to be left the world of Fallout 76 in order to attract a new audience who may be waiting for the game's problems to be solved. If the winter nuclear expansion is an indicator, then Bethesda's plans to support Fallout 76 "forever" are more appealing than they were a few months ago.

Fallout 76 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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