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The latest major release of Bethesda, Fallout 76, has been plagued by drama and controversy since its announcement. The open multiplayer world takes the Fall The universe aims to do things a little differently by focusing on craftsmanship and survival rather than decision-making and structured narration in an open world. Unfortunately, the results will not please everyone.

It should not be a major surprise that Fallout 76 is up to the reputation of the franchise to embark with an exhaustive list of bugs ranging from comic and endearing to the game-break and frustration. The combination of typical Bethesda bugs with an ever-online multiplayer game is a bit lethal and has led to more than a handful of problems that have necessitated a game restart during our decades of experience in the West Virginia desert. That said, a massive update of more than 40 GB published a week after the game's launch has solved many of these problems. It is clear that the game still has a lot to do, but it seems that Bethesda is working hard to update the title with regular improvements.

Even when the bugs do not require us to close and restart the game, the experience still leaves a little to be desired. As expected, Fallout 76 puts a major emphasis on survival and exploration. Half of this equation works incredibly well and the other half ends up feeling more like a household chore than an exciting mechanic. The post-apocalyptic version of West Virginia's game is truly amazing. Of course, the graphics suffer from many problems similar to those encountered in Fallout 4but that does not prevent the Appalachian landscape from being so strangely beautiful and vast. There are some very nice places and quests in the desert landscape and this exploration is probably a sufficient motivation to bring many players close to the final content. The main story is mainly about listening to newspapers and going from one site to another on a treasure hunt, but fortunately the sites along the way keep the interest of the visitors.

fallout of the beta game 76

The other side of the coin is the survival mechanics of the game. The need to stay hydrated, nurtured, and not sick can be of interest to some of the players, but that does not seem like an ideal choice for players who still want something that looks like the core. Fall securities. Far too often, we had to give up an interesting area or take a break amid a series of quests to go boiling fresh water or chasing our next meal. These challenges were more like an embarrassment that stood in the way of the best features of the game than an element that added to the tension and immersion of the game.

That's not to say that all rallying and manufacturing was a bad thing, though. Fallout 76 still offers players the opportunity to collect resources on the entire wasteland to improve their armor, weapons and base of operations. These mechanisms still work incredibly well and even bring interesting improvements in Fallout 4. The possibility of recovering our base and depositing it in a new region is incredibly practical and makes some survival mechanics a little more bearable (thanks to the construction of cooking stations and wells in the mobile base).

Fallout 76 how to play with friends

A discussion of Fallout 76 would obviously not be complete without recognizing the multiplayer component of the game. As in most multiplayer games, the features of Fallout 76 shine brightly when you play with an established group of friends. Teaming up and battling enemies or events is a ton of fun and clearly seems to be the place where multiplayer features want to go. PvP, on the other hand, does not seem to be worth it. It is incredibly difficult to hurt another player if he does not want to fight (which is a plan) and there is little reward for acting as a chaotic agent in the desert. Given these disadvantages of player-to-player violence, it seems that Fallout 76 It would have seemed a little more natural not to include optional PvP, or perhaps to limit player violence to designated servers and eliminate the nerve of instigating violence.

By putting the emphasis on human interaction to human, Fallout 76 removed many live NPCs in favor of newspapers, artificial intelligence and radio broadcasts to fill the void. Although it makes sense for a game to focus on the multiplayer mode, it seems that the desert has felt a little more empty and lonely. That said, we have seen many online games rebound after a stormy launch with a series of fixes that address user issues. If Bethesda remains dedicated to correcting patches and adjusting Fallout 76it could be a very different game in a year. Unfortunately, it may be what it would take to force us to reconnect at this point.

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Game Rant received an Xbox One code for this review.


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