Fans are furious that Bran won the iron throne


  • Bran Stark won the iron throne at the end of Game of throneswhich means that he is currently the king of Westeros. Womp.
  • Fans are naturally panicking on Twitter.

    Game of thrones is finally over and you know what it means: your Sunday nights are finally free! But also, we know who won the coveted iron throne and, frankly, that's not what you think.

    Everyone has assumed that Jon Snow or his aunt / lover Daenerys Targaryen would win the Iron Throne at the end of this series, but not so much. Instead, Bran Stark, the resident bird of Westeros, slipped into the iron throne (though it was melted by Drogon during the last episode, so it's really more symbolic!) And will likely have a long and successful reign making everyone extremely uncomfortable and warging take extended naps while everyone does their work for him.



    As we know, Bran has no "claim" on the iron throne and ended up being elected king by all those in this series who did not die. Which is a bit odd, since he shows no real interest in governing and spends most of his time as a literal bird. And honestly, the fans are not there for this turn of events and the atmosphere seems to be equal "really … him?" and pure rage.

    Here are some tweets that might interest you if you are also in a state of shock and confusion about Bran's freakin 'Stark ending on the throne while he's literally done nothing about it. other than getting tagged by the king of the night for eight freakin ' seasons (that's good, I'm not bitter).

    UGH, BRAN ?!

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