Far Cry 6 director finds boring details on PS5 controller

Beware of perfectionists: Far Cry 6’s game design director Ted Timmins reveals that the Sony branding on the PS5 DualSense controller is slightly off-center.

Almost everyone whose hands have had the opportunity to play high tech Playstation 5 The DualSense controller fell in love with it, but one of the Far Cry 6The main controller developers have finally shared the more annoying details of the gamepad (and it’s impossible not to see them). The PS5’s hardware imperfections aren’t entirely unexpected given the heart-wrenching development and production of the new console under COVID-19 conditions, but the visible inconsistencies are proving particularly shocking given the attention Sony is giving to its elegant and sterile design.

The DualSense controller is one of the strengths of the PS5, and for good reason. The controllers are designed to fully immerse players in any game they play, with its haptic feedback capabilities allowing players to feel the release of the hammer while pulling an in-game revolver or the previously pure visual weight of jumps and landings of a platform figure. As developers and gamers sang the praises of the new gamepad, someone finally spotted a small but noticeable issue with the DualSense’s design. To warn perfection-minded PS5 owners, it’s impossible to forget once spotted.

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The game design director of Far Cry 6, Ted timmins, revealed his thoughts on the new DualSense controller in a tweet that will be anal retention gamers’ worst nightmare. He took to Twitter to show that the Sony logo on the back of his DualSense controller is about a millimeter off-center and tilted just one degree. The horror. He admits that “it disturbs [him] much more than it should, “but he’s not the only perfectionist who now shares his burden of cursed knowledge. Although Timmins suggests this logo crash could be specific to his DualSense controller, others have quickly posted answers that seem to justify his point. , pointing out even more players the error on their gamepads, too.

There will be many who can easily ignore this perceived imperfection and continue to take advantage of the Controller, there will be those who disagree with Timmins (as several comments seem to indicate) and there will be others who , like Timmins, cannot seem to overcome the apparent flaw. As one irritated PS5 owner puts it, “Now I’ll never see another way, it’s your fault Ted. “Others have said that the Sony brand appears tilted only because of the letter Y, which creates an optical illusion. Timmins said in a subsequent tweet that despite the off-center logo highlighting, it was up to presently seriously impressed with the DualSense controller and delighted that gamers are using the controller for gaming Far Cry 6 when it is released next year.

Upon release, the DualSense excited fans keen to try out the new feature that emphasizes adaptive triggers and responds to moments in the game. As with any new technology, there have been other issues affecting the game. DualSense’s playability, including a charging issue that many gamers have reported experiencing. As the weeks go by and more gamers have the chance to get their hands on the PS5 and DualSense controller, everyone can hope that Timmins and his current company have discovered the latest known issue.

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