Far Cry New Dawn has a sad Boomer Easter egg

Boomer the dog, the best boy of Far Cry 5, is the first and definitely the best pet in all the dang game. Unfortunately, the nuclear assault that led to Far Cry New Dawn – not to mention, you know, the years that have passed – have proven to be way too much for him, so Boomer is not in the aftermath. However, Boomer still lives in a dark and unrecognized Easter egg of Far Cry New Dawn.

In the center of Fang – and this is not suitable – in the southwest region of the map, you will find a church. Under this church is a tunnel, and at the back of this tunnel is a remarkable tombstone covered with a little wood. If you shoot or destroy the wood, you will find that it is the last resting place of Boomer. Rest in peace, the kindest of boys. We will miss you.

It's a pleasure to see this little nod to Boomer, because overall, Far Cry New Dawn is not nice to dogs. As our publisher Sam explained it in this passionate articleThe villains of New Dawn not only eat dogs, but also attach explosives to them and send them as kamikazes, and it's not even the worst. At least, Boomer did not live up to seeing all this blatant violence against dogs.

In contrast, the Boomer torch was passed to Timber, a new canine companion available in New Dawn. here is how to unlock Timber Akita, for those who are interested. If you are an adorable boar, here how to unlock Horatio the wild boar.

Would you believe it's the second sad dog easter egg this week? Apex Legends designer included a subtle nod to her late dog Shadie.

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