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Farrah Abraham Discusses Jessica Biel's Anti-Vaxx Controversy (Exclusive)

Farrah Abraham has strong – and complicated – ideas about vaccinating children.

At the Los Angeles Secret Room Events Style Lounge, the "Teen mom" alum weighed on the game Jessica Biel received last week when she met with US lawmakers alongside Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to oppose SB 276, a bill that would limit medical exemptions from vaccination.

"I think everything is fine with anti-vaccinations," said Abraham. "With Sophia, it's like, 'Do I want to make vaccinations? Is not it? It's like:' East "She's going to get sick?" You know some children have died of vaccines. "

"So I understand that some parents think that there should not be … it's the choice of a parent, as for pregnancy, it's the woman's choice So no matter how you think it's going, "she continued," for your family or for you, then make the right choice, so I think Jessica Biel brings light to that. "

When asked if she stood beside Biel, Abraham replied, "I think she's playing the best for everyone.Some people can not go to school if you do not vaccinate your children, so your children can not go to school, so I think everyone should be treated equally, in good health and safe. "

In addition, the former reality TV star admitted that her daughter, Sophia, 10, had been vaccinated.

"Do you like shooting, though?" Abraham asked his daughter, who shook her head in response. "I understand it's not fun, but you're in good health, is not it, because of that, so sometimes it works."

"Sophia was vaccinated," she confirmed. "Fortunately, we did not have any problems with attending school, and now she is taking classes online."

Meanwhile, Biel and Kennedy traveled to the Californian capital last week to oppose SB 276, a state-sponsored bill limiting medical exemptions for vaccinations. The actress did not say whether she had vaccinated her son Silas, 5, who she shares with her husband. Justin Timberlakebut explained that she supported the right of a family to choose not to receive them.
Biel also pointed out that she has personal connections with a person who, in her opinion, would be negatively affected by the proposed bill.

"My dearest friends have a child whose state of health justifies a vaccination waiver.If this bill is passed, it will greatly affect the ability of their family to care for their child in this state. "she wrote. Instagram. "That's why I spoke to the legislators and argued against this bill, not because I do not believe in vaccines, but because I think it's important to give doctors and families the power to decide what is best for their patients and provide treatment. "

She added, "I encourage everyone to read more about this issue and learn more about the intricacies of # SB277. Thank you to everyone who met me this week to join this discussion. important! "

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