Fast, stylish and an excellent camera

I've always found that wide angle cameras were more useful than telephoto lenses and that the 16 megapixel wide sensor of the Mi 9 also seemed perfectly capable. (All right, it's partly thanks to a bit of auto-learning that automatically corrects the barrel distortion at the edges of the frame.) I'd like this sensor to capture a little more views in front of him, though – his field of view is 117 degrees wide, which is a little narrower than the wide-angle cameras of some of his competitors.

Unfortunately, there were some frills that I could not test at all. The Mi 9 apparently offers some modifications to optimize the video in the popular TikTok app, which is great if you're 14 and you have enough money to buy one of these things. And more importantly, the phone comes with an 18W charger in the box that, according to Xiaomi, should be powerful enough to fully charge an Mi 9 in under an hour. Given the slender profile of the phone, the company could only squeeze a battery of 3,300 mAh inside, this extra bonus will not fail to be useful most often.

I'll be frank: if Xiaomi still wants to be known in the United States, there is virtually no chance that the Mi 9 will end here in an official capacity. It should not be long before we know when Xiaomi's latest mission will start touring her native China, though – the company has a press event before the official launch of the MWC. details in a few days.

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