FDA warns you should not inject young blood

In a horrendous hogwash indicator, the FDA was forced to issue a warning stopping it from injecting the young blood into your veins.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it is aware of the existence of institutions offering "vampire treatments" in several US states, where plasma is taken from the blood of young people. donors and transfused into the bodies of paying customers.

You can even buy blood using convenient payment methods.

Companies offering "treatment" claim (without evidence) that young blood can treat everything from dementia to Alzheimer's disease to heart disease and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The FDA has now stated that there is "no proven clinical benefit from plasma infusion of young donors to cure, ameliorate, treat or prevent these conditions", but there are "several risks associated with it." Use of any plasma product. "

"Today, we alert consumers and health care providers to the fact that plasma treatments of young donors have not been subjected to the rigorous testing normally required by the FDA to confirm it." therapeutic interest of a product and ensure its safety, "they wrote. in a report.

"Therefore, the declared uses of these products should not be considered safe or effective.We strongly discourage consumers to follow this treatment outside of clinical trials, under the control of an institutional review committee. appropriate and under the supervision of the regulations. "

They point out that in addition to not having any recognized benefits for the conditions that these companies claim to cure, people benefiting from plasma treatment may experience side effects. These range from allergic reactions to transfusion-related circulatory overload (including shortness of breath and abnormal build-up of fluid under the skin) to acute lung injury or to the transmission of an illness. infectious from one donor to the other.

In its very strong statement, the FDA warned that anxious patients "are prey to unscrupulous actors touting plasma treatments by young donors as remedies and cures" and that promoting plasma for these purposes unproved could encourage patients to not get the proven medical treatment. treatments available to them.

"We will use our tools and authorities to protect patients from unscrupulous actors and dangerous products," they write, promising actions against companies that "abuse patients' trust and endanger their health." with uncontrolled manufacturing conditions or by promoting "treatments" that have not been proven safe or effective for any use. "

A company, Ambrosia, has already stopped treatment.

"In accordance with the FDA's announcement published on February 19, 2019, we stopped treatment for patients," they said on their website.

In short, if you plan to have this therapy; do not

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