FEC records show O 'Rourke's campaigns raised more than $ 100,000 for a personal business


reBeto O. Rourke, an electrician emissary of the White House, faces a new wave of criticism after records of the Federal Electoral Commission revealed that his previous campaigns had given $ 110,000 to a company that was not in the business. he had founded and that his wife had directed while he was in office.

The FEC Archives show that Congressional Campaigns O & Rourke have transferred funds to Stanton Street Technology Group, a Web development company called O Rourke created in 1998, over eight years, reports the Daily Caller. Mr. O. Rourke successfully ran three congressional campaigns in Texas, the first in 2012, before mounting a failed candidacy in the US Senate against incumbent Republican Ted Cruz last year.

The Beto for Texas campaign reported to society $ 58,544 during the 2012 election cycle, $ 39,060 at the mid-term in 2014, $ 9,290 in the 2016 cycle and $ 32,778 at the mid-term in 2018. O'Rourke's wife, Amy Sanders O'Rourke, was at the helm of the company when the payments were made.

Transfers, listed as payment for services, may not violate the federal electoral law. But they would be illegal if the campaign deliberately paid more than the market value of the services.

The Ours Rourkes sold their stake in the company in 2017. Stanton Street's general manager, Brian Wancho, said that Mr. O. Rourke's presidential campaign was not using the services of the company. society this time around.

Wancho argued that there is nothing wrong with a campaign paying the company's candidate for services rendered. "What would be prohibited if the candidate abused the process and paid too much for goods and services to enrich or enrich his family. I expect reports on campaign expenses and investigative journalism to be combined to address the candidate's abuse of the system, "he said.

O'Rourke's presidential campaign declined to comment.

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