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Federal Magistrate urges neo-Nazis to pay $ 14 million to Jewish woman

Gersh, 46, a real estate agent and mother of two, received messages saying, "I hope you die," "Kill yourself" and "We'll take pleasure in your pain." A voicemail box said, "You are surprisingly easy to find on the internet, and in real life."

The Southern Poverty Law Center took the case to court on behalf of Gersh.

US Judge Jeremiah C. Lynch announced a default decision in favor of Gersh of $ 4 million in compensatory damages and $ 10 million in punitive damages. Lynch's decision is a recommendation – not an arbitral award – subject to the approval of a US court judge.

Anglin and his lawyer, who no longer represents him, have previously asserted that Anglin was no longer a US citizen and that his words were protected by the First Amendment.

Anglin did not appear for a statement in this case, which led to a hearing to obtain a default judgment. We do not know where he is now. He did not respond to CNN's requests for comments via e-mail regarding the decision, nor to requests for previous comments on the case.

He can not be forced to pay the colonies when he is in the United States.

A Jewish woman tells the court how the followers of a neo-Nazi targeted her

Judge Lynch also recommended the issuance of a permanent injunction ordering Anglin to "remove from his site blog posts encouraging his readers to contact Gersh, his family and especially his son".

Gersh's son was 12 when he also received hate messages on social networks.

"There is no doubt that the judge wanted a message, not only for Andrew Anglin, but for all those who decide to lead an organized campaign against hate that is wrong and will have consequences," David Dinielli told CNN , SPLC lawyer.

Gersh believes that justice has been done.

"This trial has always been aimed at preventing other people from enduring the terror that I continue to live in the hands of a neo-Nazi and his supporters, and I wanted to" to ensure that this never happens again, "she said in a statement. .

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