Louis Tomlinson's sister, Felicite, died at 18 years old. (Photo: Getty)

Felicity Tomlinson, the sister of Louis Tomlinson, star of One Direction, has died at the age of 18, in the United States, confirmed today.

AnnMarie Thomson, representative of the British pop star, confirmed this information.

according to The Sun, Felicity sank on Wednesday afternoon in his studio on the fourth floor of West London. The influence of social media, which had 1.3 million followers on Instagram, was last published on Sunday, March 10, sharing a photo of herself sitting in her apartment in New York. London.

"I do not know why I look so shocked," she wrote in the caption.

The tragic news comes two years after the death of Johanna Deakin, the mother of the siblings, who died at the age of 43 from the aftermath of cancer. Louis, who was scheduled to perform at the BBC concert on Thursday, has not published a comment yet.

At the concert, Tomlinson had planned to play his new song "Two of Us", written in tribute to his dead mother and released a week ago.

Tomlinson told BBC Radio that the emotional song was "something I needed to empty my chest" and explained how difficult it was to play for his three sisters, including Félicité, because he did not want them "to be taken in the sadness of it."

Examples of song lyrics:

You will never know how much I miss you
The day they took you, I would like it to be me

But you said once: "Do not give up
You can do it day after day "
And diamonds, they do not turn into dust

I will keep you day and night until the day of my death
I will live a life for both of us
I will be the best of me, I always keep you close to me

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