FEMA takes action as many wait for housing assistance


Many are waiting for housing assistance from FEMA, including trailers from residents affected by the camp's fire.

Many are waiting for housing assistance from FEMA, including trailers brought to residents affected by the camp's fire.

This is good news for thousands of lost evacuees to begin the recovery process after the fire. FEMA says that they work hard to provide housing and help.

One of the resources is the SNS program, which would provide conventional caravans for displaced people.

Toney Raines, FEMA's Federal Housing Working Group Leader for Housing, said evacuees will need to register with FEMA to find out if they are eligible, whether they are insured or not.

"Those who wish to participate are identified, we approve them administratively in the program.When the travel trailer or the SSN are defined, they are certified, then continue the process or recertification in order to maintain their eligibility to stay in these. units, "said Raines. .

Raines said it looked at 28 potential sites and continues to search for more, so the timeline of trailer availability has not been released. Raines said that can happen at any time.

However, these trailers will only be used as temporary accommodations, according to Raines.

"Classic caravans, [we] try to us [as] temporary accommodation as they move and enter the SNS. The SNS should be the long term solution for them as they solve their problems. This program will last 18 months and could very likely be extended, "said Raines.

And for those with insurance, Raines suggested that you always sign up for FEMA.

"There may be cases of insured people who can not find housing and who still want to stay in the area, we defend them and what we will do to make sure the SNS remains available. funds from their insurance, they will then be required to pay the federal government this amount based on the market rent on a family allowance at the time of the disaster and we will provide them with the SNS so that they stay, "says Raines.

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