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By the way, fever is coming to everyone but bhukar can be treated by identifying with simple symptoms. Treating fever is also easy if you take all precautions. With each changing season, our body's immune system fluctuates. Due to diseases such as fever, cough, choking our body. The possibility of having the most viral fever with changing weather conditions.

Symptoms of fever – Bukhar Ke Lakshan –

Body Fatigue (weakness in the body)
Increased body temperature
Sensation of pain in the muscles of the body and the bone joint (feeling of pain in the bones and muscles)
Taste the language (no taste in the language)

Some elements responsible for viral fever –

Due to change of season
Due to excessive fatigue (weakness due to heavy work)
Reduce more than your hobbies. (physical work more than capacity)
Taking less sleep at night (less sleep)
If the body does not rest (rest of the body), then it also makes fever. (The fever also starts because of the lack of rest on the body)

What not to eat during fever – List of foods not to eat during fever –

Avoid drinking cold water (drink ice water)
All foods and cold drinks such as ice cream, cold drinks, etc. are also consumed.
Do not eat curd at all. (Never eat curd, this will make your condition worse)
The Khali body or empty legs did not come out. (never walk outside without clothes)
Some fruits like banana are also used to survive. (avoid eating bananas, this can increase coughing)
Boiled egg – If you want to eat eggs, then only eat boiled eggs. (19459003) home remedies against fever