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Filming in Dallas: Photographer Tom Fox captures the moment Brian Isaack Clyde opened fire

An armed man wearing a mask, tactical equipment and a high-powered rifle fired on Monday in front of a federal building in Dallas, causing alarm and panic without injury before the man not shot by the police.

The shooting has been widely reported. However, Tom Fox, a Dallas Morning News photographer, may have provided the best documentation on this incident.

Fox was there to cover a federal lawsuit and he was apparently right in court when the gunman, identified by the authorities as former army infantryman Brian Isaack Clyde, came forward and was started shooting.

Instead of running, Fox took pictures. The results gave a rare glimpse of an active shot at the point of view of someone standing in the way of immediate danger.

Fox grabbed one of the shooters, taken a few feet away, as the man approached the building through a low alley, his gloved hands holding a rifle and ammo clamps hanging on his belt. The authorities then said that the man had five magazines of about thirty tours.

"Literally, I was just around the marble wall from where he shot out the window," Fox said at a NBC Subsidiary in Dallas. "And I was just praying that he would not pass me. Pass this wall. Because he'd seen me crouching there, he'd probably have shot me.

Fox, who did not respond to a Washington Post interview request, also shot a video, including one recorded in painful moments after the armed man's withdrawal into the street.

The video shows Fox talking to unidentified authorities, potentially law enforcement forces, who ask where the shooter has gone.

Fox can be heard panting. "He did not go past me," he told them. "He was here and came this way."

The video taken by another spectator from above above the street shows how close Fox was to the shooter. The gunman rushes to the front of the federal building at some point, seeming to pull toward the main entrance.

A broken glass lies in the entrance of the Federal Court House in Dallas after the shots fired Monday. A masked gunman opened fire on the federal courthouse before being shot in an exchange of gunfire with federal officers, witnesses said and authorities said. No officer or citizen was injured. (Tom Fox / Dallas Morning News / AP)

Shots resonate in the block.

"Fuck shit," said the person holding the camera.

The entrance to the building is framed by two bulky columns that protrude from the outside. Fox is hiding behind one of them, invisible by the shooter, but just a few steps away.

The shooter then retires, apparently after catching fire himself. He runs to a parking lot on the other side of the street. other shots resonate in his direction. Fox continued to take pictures.

It is unclear whether the shots that damaged the front doors of the building were fired by the shooter or the police.

A security guard and a civilian hide after the bullets ricochet from the building. A gunman, visible left in the background, shoots in their direction Monday at the Dallas Federal Court House. (Tom Fox / Dallas Morning News / AP)

Finally, the shooter fell to the ground.

Fox took more photos and videos of the shooter, then shirtless and wounded, and rescuers around him.

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