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August 29, 2019

ORLANDO, Florida (WCTV) – The start of the 2019 season has officially arrived for FAMU, which will face UCF on Thursday night to open the season for both teams.

WCTV is on site and will be releasing a live blog of tonight's game as well as live tweets for real-time analysis, analysis and reading. of my two and the <a href = ""WCTV Sport Accounts.


Well, here's that on a naughty game to open 2019 for FAMU. But if you are a betting player and you take the Rattlers to cover, that's what they did!

The defeat of tonight for FAMU marks the first time that they have been out since November 7, 2015 during a 33-0 loss to Hampton. The FAMU also did not gain 100 yards of offense.

Our complete recap > can be found here. Thank you for staying with me tonight and we'll see you on Saturday in Doak for Les Noles.

4th quarter, 8:31 am: FAMU 0 – UCF 62

A sort of empty order quickly turned into explosive play, while third quarterback, Quadry Jones, found Amari Johnson for a 49-yard pass. DJ Phillips from FAMU had momentarily lost his footing while he was in pursuit of the cover.

The player took a very slow five games and 61 yards to complete.

4th quarter, 1:15 pm: FAMU 0 – UCF 55

Well, the best training that the Rattlers have managed so far still ends at zero, while Yahia Aly's 37-yard attempt at play is blocked at the line of scrimmage.

The player lasted 15 games and 80 yards. McKay looked neat under the center.


FAMU is preparing its first real training of the game with quarterback Rasean McKay, against a defense always composed mainly of first players.

3rd quarter, 6h25: FAMU 0 – UCF 55

For the first time tonight, UCF has not scored after being led in a series by Dillon Gabriel.

3rd quarter, 13:32: FAMU 0 – UCF 55

A quick five-game mark and 71 yards opens the second half while Dillon Gabriel continues to be the most effective quarterback of the Knights tonight.

He finished the exercise with a 26-yard touchdown pass to Alex Harris.


The score says just about everything. The defense may not have statistically played a very good second quarter, but short runs and short times on the bench due to short offensive runs have certainly not helped. They do everything they can to defend themselves.

Offensively, it's like being in the Rattlers almost to have something going, but have been far from putting a reader together. We'll see how they get together in the second half.

The statistics look like this:

Total yards

  • FAMU 25
  • UCF 462

    Quarterback game

  • Stanley (FAMU): 5-by-22, 34 yards
  • Wimbush (UCF): 11 in 22, 149 yards, 2 touchdowns, 8 runs, 20 yards
  • Gabriel (UCF): 5 on 6, 66 yards, 2 touchdowns

    Leaders who rush

  • Deshawn Smith (FAMU): 3 carries, 5 yards
  • Adrian Killins (UCF): 13 races, 99 yards, TD
  • Greg McCrae (UCF): 10 races, 56 yards, TD

    If you want a good stats for FAMU, Chris Faddoul has an average of 49.9 yards per punt (10 punts, 499 yards).

    2nd quarter, 3:37: FAMU 0 – UCF 41

    Another Dillon Gabriel training, another quick practice for the Knights: This time, it takes only three games to pass 59 yards (two FAMU penalties helped) and Gabriel has two touchdowns in three rookies at the bar, his last to six yard strike at Tre Nixon.

    All the knights here, gang.

    2nd quarter, 8h02: FAMU 0 – UCF 34

    The FAMU offensive continues to do nothing while the UCF continues to roll. This time, it only took two pieces for Greg McCrae to sneak into the end zone, passing through a complicated tackle.

    In the Rattlers' defense, they had a short field to work on. The Knights returned a punt for 49 yards to prepare for 25.

    It was also Dillon Gabriel's second training match for the quarterback, who missed his second touchdown by centimeters while his receiver, Gabriel Davis, was attacked off the court by just inches.

    2nd quarter, 10h16: FAMU 0 – UCF 27

    I will not tell you about it. This is the prototype of the FBS, which plays at the wheel of the FCS for the Knights, and which ended with the second touchdown of Gabriel Davis' play (it was also the second touchdown of Wimbush).

    Eight games, 71 yards, 2:02 in play time.

    Also marks the very first multi-touchdown game for Davis.

    2nd quarter, 1:14 pm: FAMU 0 – UCF 20

    UCF had no problem moving on the field after the Rattlers' short offensive run, then the Rattlers D had a bit of a break during the shift and were able to rest and force the Knights to score.

    This is largely due to Markquese Bell and Mack Green who blew the game for the Knights.

    If I am FAMU, I go to the running until the UCF gives me a loss for this record. the passing attack has had little or no success tonight.

    29 quarters in a row with a score for UCF, a statistic that the Knights are quite proud of.


    The defense of FAMU is as good as the one announced, the 17 points left aside.

    Wimbush managed to do it on the field and in the short game, and Gabriel was really impressed by his training for UCF.

    In total, the Rattlers have 19 yards of offense after a quarter.

    1st quarter, 2:22: FAMU 0 – UCF 17

    We knew tonight we would see Wimbush and Dillon Gabriel. Well, we saw Gabriel (a little earlier than I thought, I have to admit) and he presented a show.

    Otis Anderson was beautifully placed to give the advantage to a 38-yard goal in four games. He is now 17-0.

    Yet another record that was helped for the Knights by a personal foul penalty, which gave them 15 free miles in Rattler's territory.

    1st quarter, 5:36: FAMU 0 – UCF 10

    UCF bolstered its lead with a 42-yard throw from Dylan Barnas on a 12, 71-yard, 3:01 clock run.

    In hindsight, it could have been worse for the Rattlers, who allowed the quarterback for at least 30 yards, but they recorded their first tackle for a defeat of the match and forced the Knights to land around the line. 35 yards. the goal on the ground.

    The defense begins to intensify, let's see now that the offense is doing something.

    1st quarter, 8:37 am: FAMU 0 – UCF 7

    This could have been a golden opportunity for the Rattlers to tackle because they were settled around the Knights 40 because of a poorly set kitty.

    However, a personal penalty after the match pushed the Rattlers to 45, and they went three.

    As I said, that's could have been a golden opportunity.

    1st quarter, 12:25 pm: FAMU 0 – UCF 7

    Chris Faddoul could very well kick anywhere in the country. The Knights scored against the three-yard mark after the Rattlers lost three in the game for the second time today.

    During the first defensive series, the Rattlers failed to exert pressure even before threatening Wimbush, but if they managed to make their way here and keep the UCF struggling, things will become interesting.

    1st quarter, FAMU 0 – UCF 7

    It did not take much time – an 80-yard run covering five games and 1:04 on the clock finishes with a 37-yard Wimbush touchdown pass, which has all the help it needs. he may wish in front against the defensive front of the FAMU, Gabriel Davis will register the first touchdown of the season on the board.

    I will say this: the secondary FAMU will not be burned *, it will keep pace with the UCF receivers, Wimbush just places the ball to perfection.

    * Except in the third game of training that would have been damn near a 55-yard touchdown bomb at Davis.


    FAMU won the draw and will start the match in attack.

    It is the hour of football.



    It is almost time to start the second year of FAMU football under Willie Simmons and they are starting the season against their most formidable opponent on the list, the UCF.

    As I said on the opening podcast of the WCTV Sports Opening Drive this morning, I think the Knights will win 45-17 tonight, but I'd like to be able to fool myself and see the Rattlers shock the world.

    Be sure to follow Twitter and the games begin.

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