Final score: Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets 2021


The Denver Broncos finally put up a full game against a bad New York Jets team. The offense scored steadily, although they continued to struggle in the red zone contenting themselves with field goals during touchdowns. The defense also did their job helping the team to a 26-0 win and a 3-0 start to the season.

First shift

Both teams traded punts to start the game, but the Broncos offense came to life. They avoided disaster after Teddy Bridgewater was sacked on a second down to set up a long third and nine. He found KJ Hamler wide open on the field for a gain of 28 yards and a first down.

This conversion would ignite the Broncos’ offense into a scoring opportunity. Rookie running back Javonte Williams would get his first NFL touchdown to cap an 11-play, 75-yard run that ate more than seven minutes in the first quarter.

Broncos 7, Jets 0. Full Q1 recap.

Second quarter

While it looked like the Broncos ‘offense was stalled in the second quarter, they still racked up 10 points to take the Broncos’ lead to 17-0 before halftime. The big difference was the Broncos defense starting to feel pressure on Zach Wilson in the second quarter.

Unfortunately, the Broncos suffered a serious offensive injury following a high pass from Bridgewater to KJ Hamler that landed Hamler very awkwardly on his left knee. He was in great pain and was helped off the pitch and into the locker room. We’ll have to hope it looked worse than this one, but it looked pretty bad.

Broncos 17, Jets 0. Full second quarter recap.

Third quarter

The third quarter continued to hurt the Broncos as they lost their two starting offensive goalies. Dalton Risner (foot) and Graham Glasgow (knee) were both knocked out of the game in the third quarter.

Denver’s offense managed to get a goal out during the quarter when Melvin Gordon made a shrewd play on the scrimmage line to break away for a 21-yard gain that would translate to a Broncos field goal.

Broncos 20, Jets 0. Full third quarter recap.

Fourth trimester

The Jets had an opportunity to score early in the fourth quarter against a fourth-and-one, but a precise pitch from Zach Wilson was abandoned by the wide receiver to keep the shutout in place for Denver.

Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos offense kept things going in the fourth quarter. They wouldn’t have a 20-point lead at all. Tim Patrick plays with another big catch to throw them into another scoring opportunity midway through the fourth quarter.

The practice would result in another field goal for Brandon McManus to give them a 23-0 lead with less than seven minutes left in the fourth quarter.

With the Jets at the wheel, Justin Simmons managed an interception to give the Broncos another scoring opportunity with 5:26 left. Tim Patrick would come up with a huge jump ball on the third down to give Denver a first and a goal at the yard line. Javonte Williams would, however, be fumbling to return the ball to the Jets anyway.

Denver was recovering the ball at the 28-yard line for the Jets after they attempted it on the fourth down and Alexander Johnson punched a blitz for Denver’s fifth sack of the game. It would put an end to any hope of avoiding a shutout for the Jets as Denver has gone 3-0 this year.

Broncos 26, Jets 0.


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