Finally, a Dreamcast controller built for comfort

The original Dreamcast controller is gorgeous, but lacks some of the features and ergonomic design that make modern controllers so enjoyable. The Next Gen Dreamcast controller from the Retro Fighters accessory brand updates the classic design.

Retro Fighters is a family-owned company that has already produced modern plugs on the Nintendo 64 controller and will soon have a model for Sega Genesis and Saturn. The company makes user-friendly controllers for combat games and, with Dreamcast's SNK and Capcom products, an updated combat controller is the perfect accessory for console fans.

Another beauty

Creating a new Dreamcast controller is not as easy as for other consoles. It is quite easy to change shape and exchange these sharp handles against softer round handles. However, VMUs (visual memory devices) and vibration modules in the middle of the Dreamcast controller use a proprietary port that can not be purchased commercially.

So Retro Fighters has built its own ports and programmed its own software to offer the new VMU controller and vibration support. It took 18 months of research and development to create a working prototype.

Once the material worked, they built a pretty shell, white top and gray bottom (with other colors planned for the future). It has a modern analog stick, a large directional pad, a turbo feature and buttons on the shoulders, in addition to Dreamcast controller triggers. I think it's pretty pretty.

Retro Fighters' new generation of Dreamcast Controllers is currently at the heart of a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $ 77,000 on a $ 13,000 goal. The company plans to ship the controller in September to donors who pledge $ 43 or more.

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