Finally, a switch controller with a headphone jack


The long-awaited feature uses the audio SDK developed by Vivox, the studio behind Fortnitecat in game. Fortnite, the only way to use voice chat via the console was through a mobile phone using the Nintendo Switch Online app, a controversial move defended last year by Nintendo of America's outgoing president, Reggie Fils-Aime, who said the phone is "always with you". You will still need to use it if your game requires it, but if your voice chat is integrated, you can use a headset.

The PDP controller is essentially the same as the official Nintendo Switch Pro controller, minus a few design changes here and there. In addition to the headphone jack, it comes with built-in audio controls, programmable buttons and interchangeable front panels, currently in red and purple camouflage, and will go on sale for $ 25 at launch. The exact dates are to be confirmed, but you can pre-order from May.

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