Finally, as it is the sacrifice of King Babu Qurbani of RajaBabu || Bangla Viral Video 2018


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Manikganj: Finally, 18 lakh taka were sold to the bull "King Babu" of Saturia upazila of Manikganj by Khalilur Islam Khanu Mia.

The bull was sold to Gabtoli Hat in the capital on Tuesday, August 21st. According to Atiqta, the daughter of Khililur Islam Khanu Mia, the bull was sold at 1.8 million Tk. However, he did not want to give information about King Babur.

Veterinarian Selim Jahan of Saturia Upazila's cattle office told banglanews that King Babu was ready to sell to Eid. But without getting the desired price, Khanu Mia went up another year without selling the cows. Finally, after the evening of Tuesday, King Babu was sold to 18 laks.

The Jharnar bull "King Babur" has now reached 55 medals. Last year, the weight of the cow was 39! Now, the main attraction of Gabtali Hat was King Babu.

Meanwhile, there is a drop in the prices of the animals in the hats of the city. On Monday, August 20, Raja Babu raised the price of 18 lakh taka. Khanu, his wife, own Begum and his daughter Atiq Aktar, were taken to the side of the huge King Babu.

Loss of consciousness was a loss due to lower cow prices. When a buyer came to him, he was kind and begging him to clean Begum. Because they can not afford to keep these cows. The cattle cost two thousand rupees a day. Ten thousand rupees were taken from the truck by rent to King Babu. There is a lot of money on the market. Not being sold before the afternoon, everyone had to eat and drink.

The family received a privilege of Rs.10 lakhs to feed more cows with King Babu. Many people said the price of 19 to 20 million taka. But in the hope of obtaining additional profit, we see that there are no buyers of King Babu but that there is no no buyers. Rajab Babu was waiting to sell them 25 rupees lakh. Finally, sell between 18 and 18 million.

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