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Captain Marvel will be at the top of the box office this weekend, knowing that it is the most anticipated movie of the week and the latest Marvel movie before Avengers: End of the game. As expected, the film answers many questions about End of Game and the MCU universe, but it also creates a lot of new mysteries. After all, we are looking at a 15-year period between Captain Marvel and The Avengersand Nick Fury started working with some of the original Avengers long before that. Notice, if you have not seen it Captain Marvelyou are for a lot of spoilers – It's the same thing for End of Game also, as we will discuss the Captain Marvel post-credit scenes and they imply End of Game.

As we expected, Captain Marvel does not just introduce Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel – so, technically, no one uses his superhero name at all in the movie. The film also covers the creation of the Avengers program, as well as Nick Fury's evolution from an old spy to a determined agent who is about to form the most powerful team of heroes on Earth.

We finally discovered how Captain Marvel was born. It's not the Kree that turned Carol Danvers into superheroes. They have just put on her a craft designed to limit her power. What is interesting is that it is the energy of Tesseract that created this superhero. She is the most powerful Avenger, if you think about it, considering what she can do.

In addition, she is the true first Avenger. Captain America should not even be considered the first Avenger, although he was the first human with extraordinary abilities within the MCU. He found them in the Second World War. Of course, we all do not know that Wakanda had a black man. Panther for thousands of years, but I keep it away from the subject. Thanks to Carol's fighter jet, Fury is inspired by the Avengers program. The Protector Initiative seems incredibly dull.

As for his costume, the differences between the original Captain Marvel The armor and the one we see on the generic scene might not be as important. We are simply looking at a different painting job and we have already learned that the combination allows you to customize the colors as you wish.

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We also know that Carol took the pager from Fury so that he could not call a replacement without his knowledge. She then refined it and returned to the SHIELD chief only in case of emergency. Marvel officially learned that we did not really know if Fury had tried to appeal to Captain Marvel before War of Infinity.

She will appear on Earth very soon after the shooting. What was revealed by the generic scenes disclosed is not entirely clear, because they are so blurry is that Captain Rogers and others monitor the number of people died in the Avengers when the pager stopped working. When you watch the stage in the theaters, you will find that the pager still wears the colors of Captain Marvel. Nevertheless, no one in the team recognized the symbol. Not even Natasha, who has been with Fury for years. Not even Rocket, who may have heard stories about it – although that assumes that Rocket is accompanying them somewhere.

In the days leading up to the film's launch, we also learned that Samuel L. Jackson's claim that Captain Marvel could travel back in time was invented, which means that any theory or "leakage" that says that Carol can travel in time is wrong.

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We also learned how Fury lost his eye. The filmmakers trolled us once, but it turns out that it was the "cat" who did it. Although it is not something that Fury will confirm or deny someday. Besides, we understand why he does not trust anyone. He has just witnessed aliens changing shape on Earth, as well as a cat with monstrous tentacles coming out of his mouth. The universe is much bigger than he thought and much more dangerous.

Agent Coulson must also be taken into account. It's clear why Fury has trusted him for so many years. Coulson was back Captain Marvel and has turned out to be a worthy agent of SHIELD.

Let's also talk about the brief appearance of Ronan, the accuser Captain Marvel. He realizes the enormous potential of Carol Danvers after seeing her destroy one of her ships and says he would come back for that weapon. At this point, it is not clear if they know that an Infinity Stone has conferred his powers on Carol. But attending Captain Marvel's power might have been enough for Ronan to decide to keep the power stone for himself in the future, Guardians of the Galaxy, having realized what this artifact could offer him.

Finally, there was no strange doctor in Captain Marvel anything. Although he may have influenced the events of the past, he has not been shown anywhere in the film or post-credit scenes. Of course, that would give us great importance End of Game spoiler.

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We can not finish this post without mentioning Stan Lee. He appears in the film, reproducing himself by repeating a phrase from a movie you might be aware of: Mallrats. It's also a huge nod to Kevin Smith, and it's pretty confusing. Speaking of things that are problematic, we also looked at all the new issues raised by Captain Marvel and summarized them in one post – check it on this link.

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