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If you're like us, you'll never tire of talking about Fire Emblem ™: Three Houses. The game has so much to do and to discover! Host Chris Slate has just started his adventure, but surfers Krysta Yang of Nintendo Minute and Joe Bustos of Nintendo's social team are here to put him on the right track. The team exchanges advice and discusses their characters and favorite scenarios, all without wasting time. The group also shares game recommendations, talks about upcoming new titles, answers the Warp Zone quiz and more!

00:51 – Fire Emblem: Three houses
34:54 – Player's pulse
38:57 – Choice of Pro
47:55 – Quiz Warp Zone
50:36 – Game Forecast

The games discussed were rated EVERYONE at MATURE by the ESRB.

If you would like to share comments or ideas for the podcast, or if you would like to eventually answer a question during an upcoming episode, please email us at [email protected] .

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