Fire in a camp: PG & E states that it is "probable" that his equipment will be at the origin of a fire


PG & E, California's largest utility, said in its latest earnings report that, even though the cause of the fire remains under investigation, "the company thinks it's likely that his equipment will be considered a point of ignition of the fire of 2018 ".

Following the fire, which killed 86 people and destroyed 14,000 homes, the company announced a charge of $ 10.5 billion against anticipated claims.

Previously, the utility had announced its intention to be held responsible for the damage caused by the campfire and other forest fires in California. The expectation of huge losses led the company to bankruptcy last month.

PG & E, which supplies electricity to some 16 million Californians, has been scrutinized for the way it maintains its infrastructure, as officials investigate the cause of the campfire.

PG & E said in its report that the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) had identified the starting point of the fire and said that the fire had started around 8:33 am on November 8, not far from a PG & E transmission tower.
PG & E declares bankruptcy after California wildfires

About 15 minutes earlier, said the company, the nearby PG & E transmission line "was off". Later in the day, utility workers discovered that one party had separated from the PG & E tower.

Subsequent inspections of this transmission line have identified equipment that should have been repaired or replaced, the company said.

PG & E announced Thursday that it was inspecting its equipment in areas at higher forest fire risk, in order to avoid new incidents.

"The company is taking immediate action to address any issues that pose an immediate risk to public safety in anticipation of this year's forest fire season," he said.

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