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Mozilla today announced a new iOS version of Firefox specifically optimized for the Apple iPad. With the launch of the new iPad mini this week, it's impeccable timing. It is also an admission that the construction of a browser for tablets is different from that of a browser for phones, on which Mozilla has mainly focused in recent years.

"We know that iPads are not just larger versions of iPhones," writes Mozilla in its announcement today. "You use them differently, you need them for different things. So rather than just creating a larger version of our iOS browser, we've given Firefox for iPad the look and feel it's been designed for a tablet.

So with this new version, Firefox for iPad supports iOS features such as the split screen and the ability to set Firefox as the default browser in Outlook for iOS. The team also optimized tab management for these larger screens, including the ability to view tabs in the form of large tiles, "which makes it easy to see what they are, to see if they generate the joy and shut of a faucet, otherwise. If you want to share some tabs, you can do it through the Send Tabs feature that Mozilla introduced earlier this year.

Starting a private browsing session on iOS always took a few extra tabs. The iPad version is a case in one click because it highlights this feature in the tab bar.

Because many iPad users also use a keyboard, it is not surprising that this version of Firefox also supports keyboard shortcuts.

If you are an iPad user looking for an alternative browser, Firefox can now be a viable option for you. Try it and tell us what you think in the comments (do not remember how you work at home a few hours a day and earn a lot of money … believe me, we are aware of it).


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