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First Amazon Prime Day Deals Focus on Fire, Marvel and AmazonBasics TVs

Amazon Prime Day is technically two days this year (July 15 and 16), but like Black Friday in November, some offers began to arrive early. The week before Prime Day is a good time to define what Amazon will focus on this year and enjoy discounts before the madness of Monday.

Last year, the gaming offers were rather mediocre – Prime Day, it's above all the value for money – but in 2019, the first offers are promising. Most of them focus on Amazon's own products and services, including Fire TV streaming devices and AmazonBasics hardware. Below, we present the best offers of Prime Day in the areas of gaming and entertainment.

Fire TV offers

While the promotion of the first screens on a Toshiba screen with integrated Fire TV is over, Amazon has also introduced some additional offers to its streaming devices in the perspective of Prime Day.

Fire TV Refast, the Amazon version of a DVR box, offers a $ 100 discount to Premium members. Our colleagues at The Verge looked at the device when it was released last year and said, "That's fine, and with some changes in future updates, it could be very good." is difficult to recommend spending less than $ 200 on the device, but at $ 129.99, it's a great solution for recording live TV shows.

Amazon has also reached an agreement on its more traditional broadcast device, the Fire TV Stick. The company will launch in two months HBO (via Prime Video Channel) with the purchase of $ 39.99.

Amazon Prime Video Offers

Although there are many Prime Day offers on material goods, Amazon also has a fairly large digital service arm. Amazon Prime Video has already started signing digital movie deals, including MCU rentals at $ 1.99 each (typically $ 3.99). Until the launch of Disney Plus, there are very few Marvel films available to be viewed via subscription services, and this is the cheapest rental at the moment.

AmazonBasics Offers

Many accessories from Amazon's low-cost product line offer up to 20% discount for Prime members before Prime Day. This includes essential gaming tools such as a Joy-Con Switch charging station, a wired headset and a keyboard. This is obviously not the most upscale material, but they are cheap and will do the job.

Offers at Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime members with a Twitch account also have access to Twitch Prime, which offers many benefits, including loot in the game and subscriptions to free channels. For the First Day, Twitch organizes two sports tournaments and an infomercial shopping flow. We also double the loot at stake, starting with a new partnership with Rockstar Games. Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online currently offer Twitch Prime exclusives.

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