First call: Shannon Sharpe flip flops on Antonio Brown; Steeler says "live the patriots"

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In "First Call" Tuesday, call Shannon Sharpe for his double interview Antonio Brown. A new Steeler arrives in Pittsburgh with the hatred of the Patriots in his heart. And Chris Davis establishes the 0-iron mark.

Now it's a 180

If NFL coaches knew that Shannon Sharpe could be as effective in backpedal, he might have played cornerback instead of tight end.

You remember when Sharpe tried to silence the Steelers' discord in the locker room, as if it was Ben Roethlisberger's fault in January on FS1?

Until James Harrison corrects it, of course.

Then he did it again in February. This time, he also took shots against the Steelers fans, saying he had no problem with Antonio Brown's "owner mentality" about his former quarterback.

But now, JuJu Smith-Schuster is the last victim of Brown to burn the scorched earth in his old locker room during a social media swap last weekend. Suddenly, Sharpe makes Brown the bad guy.

All the time, in each clip, Skip Bayless acts as a "yes" man of Sharpe, not calling him for his inconsistency.

They know their shows are on tape, right?

It will work well in Pittsburgh

Want to make you love Pittsburgh football fans?

Starting your term with "screw the patriots" is normally a good start.

That's what the new Steeler, Steven Nelson, said about the Pats with Kristine Leahy of FS1. She asked the former leaders' defense to come back to defeat New England in the AFC championship game.

"I told myself" I saw the Patriots, "because we should have been in the Super Bowl – well done to them, but I wanted the Rams to win," Nelson said. .

He also said Cleveland's Baker Mayfield interception was his favorite piece of his career.

When Nelson receives a number, we will let you know so you can order this jersey as soon as possible.

Difficult moments

Chris Davis set the record, my friends.

The outgoing Baltimore machine is now 0 for 49 dating from last season. This is the longest drought period in baseball history for a position player.

Dodgers fieldman Eugenio Velez set the previous record at 0 for 46 in 2011.

The Orioles first-baseman, who struggled, was not touched in the first goal in a 12-4 win over Oakland to set the record for futility, even though he hit three front in the evening.

Davis is in the fourth season of a $ 161 million contract over seven years.

Another chance

Ray Shero remains as General Manager in New Jersey.

This news comes after 51 defeats for the Devils this season.

The team made this announcement without any kind of terms being revealed. Shero took this position in 2015 after being fired by the Penguins following the 2014 season.

The club also extended coach John Hynes.

Nine-point game?

You thought the conversion of the 4th and 15th AAF was crazy when the NFL considered adopting it?

It was nothing. Check out this idea for conversions from the XFL.

• No kicks.

• One point conversion attempts would result from a scrimmage game at the 2 yard line.

• Attempts to convert to two points would come from 5.

• Attempts to convert to three points would come from the 10.

Instead of attacking the Arena Football League, John Mara, owner of the Giants, might have said, "Who are we, the XFL?

But anything to keep players interested, right?

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