First lawsuit against Trump's emergency declaration


Liberal defense group Public Citizen filed Friday the first lawsuit to block President TrumpDonald John TrumpBill Kristol resurfaces the video of Pence calling the action of the executive on immigration a "deep mistake," states the ACLU. The planned national emergency declaration is a "manifest abuse of presidential power". he could PLUSGovernment's national emergency declaration to allocate government funds to its border wall project.

The Consumer Rights Think Tank is suing on behalf of the Frontera Audubon Society and three South Texas landowners who have been informed that their land will be used to build the barrier.

The lawsuit should be the first of a long series of challenges to the statement, which provided $ 8.1 billion for the wall.

"The complaint urges the court to conclude that Trump has exceeded his constitutional authority and that conferred by the National Emergencies Act, and to conclude that the statement violates the doctrine of the separation of powers that is so central to our Constitution" said Public Citizen in a Libération press.

"The court should forbid Trump and the US Department of Defense to use the statement and funds earmarked for other purposes to build a border wall, claim the complaint," he added.

Trump had predicted, when announcing the emergency statement to the White House earlier Friday, that he would likely face legal difficulties.

"We may have a bad decision, then another bad decision, and then we will end up in the Supreme Court," said Trump, adding that he thought his administration would prevail in the high court.

"I did not need to do that, but I would prefer to do it much faster," he added, referring to the construction of border gates.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) also said Friday that he intended to sue the White House for his statement.

"President Trump is creating a crisis and declaring a" national emergency "invented to seize power and overthrow the constitution," Newsom said in a statement. "Our message to the White House is simple and clear: California will see you in court."

Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee announced that they would investigate the statement and demanded the testimony of White House and Justice lawyers, saying that the national emergency showed "contempt" for the separation of powers and competence of the Congress on the federal budget.

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