First prosecutor of the SDNY in the Michael Cohen case who leaves his post


Robert Khuzami

Robert Khuzami, US Assistant Attorney in the Southern District of New York, will leave his post in April. | Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The federal prosecutor in New York to oversee the trial of Michael Cohen leaves his post in April, announced Friday the Ministry of Justice.

Robert Khuzami, US Assistant Attorney in the Southern District of New York, will be replaced by Audrey Strauss, another law enforcement veteran who also helped oversee the government's case against former Donald Trump attorney and repairman .

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Strauss, who joined the SDNY in February 2018 after a long stay in private practice, will lead a team of DOJ lawyers with Cohen's portfolio. The US Attorney in the New York office, Geoffrey Berman, was challenged from the Cohen investigation for unknown reasons.

"She is brilliant, always well prepared and I am confident that she will spare no effort to solve the problems arising from Michael Cohen's cooperation," said Nick Akerman, a former Watergate attorney, who has worked with Strauss both to the government that in the private sector is training you.

Cohen is expected to begin serving a three-year prison sentence in May after pleading guilty to a series of tax frauds and lies. The SDNY office also examines several other aspects of the president's political functioning and affairs, including donations to his inaugural committee.

In a statement, Berman said about Khuzami: "Although his desire to continue serving is still strong, he naturally decided to return to his country." Assistant US Attorney.


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