First rounds of Fortnite World Cup start Saturday, April 13

The Fortnite World Cup is almost here and the first races will start on Saturday, April 13th. The hype around the event is wild, but some of the issues are likely to plague it.

The Fortnite World Cup has become very popular with Epic Games for quite some time now. They have recently published the event schedules and then additional information for the finals in New York.

The very first event is about to start on Saturday, April 13th. This will be the first of 10 events leading to the final round of the Fortnite World Cup in July.

Fortnite World Cup Event Solos – April 13 to 14

Fortnite World Cup
The first events of the CC begin Saturday, April 13 and take place until the 14

The first event of the Fortnite World Cup will be a solo event. It's every player for himself. Each CC event is played online and features a region lock.

Region locking means that each player can only play in one region. Nobody will have more than one chance to win everything.

The first FWC Solos event will be played in SIX different regions. The start times of the events are shown below. These schedules apply on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Europe – 16h – 19h GMT
  • NA West – 4 pm – 7 pm PST
  • NA East – 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST
  • Brazil – 16h – 19h BRT
  • OCE – 16:00 – 19:00 AET
  • ASIA – 16:00 – 19:00 JST

FWC Solos Formats & Rules

Let's review the format and rules of the event. It is important to know the purpose of the players as this will make the visualization more attractive.

Entry to the semifinal of April 13 solos

To participate in the competition on April 13, players must reach the Champions League standings in Arena mode for solos.

Format and rules of the semi-finals

Eligible players will have the window above 3 hours to earn as many points as possible in the event. Players will be limited to 10 games maximum.

The top 3000 players from each region will advance to the final on Sunday, April 14th.

The rating for the placement and eliminations is as follows:

  • Victory Royale: 10 points
  • 2nd to 5th place: 7 points
  • 6th-15th place: 5 points
  • 16h-25th place: 3 points
  • Elimination: 1 point

You can find the FWC's comprehensive rule book, provided by Epic Games, at this link.

Format and rules of the final

All points of the first round (semi-finals) are eliminated and all players (Top 3000 by region) will start the final Sunday with 0 points.

The finals will be played with the even rules and format as the semi-finals.

Top players from each region will receive cash prizes from the $ 1,000,000 prize pool for the weekend. The amounts of the investments and the money have not yet been confirmed.

The highest ranked players in each region, at the end of the five Solos eventswill be at the finals of the Fortnite World Cup in New York.

Epic Games has published a table that lists the places available for the finals by region.

Where to look

Epic Games has not published any information regarding an official stream of the semi-finals / finals of the Fortnite World Cup. We will update the article with the feed link if / when they publish additional mailing information.

You can however watch the event on the channels of many popular Fortnite professional players. However, because of power cuts, they will all use significant delays (20 minutes to an hour). Some even stated that they would not broadcast the events at all for security reasons.

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