Fisher-Price recalls rock'n play sleepers linked to infant deaths

Fisher-Price recalled its 4.7 million Rock'n Play sleepers on Friday, a few days after a group of pediatricians had urged its parent, Mattel, to stop selling the product amid reports of links between last and several infant deaths.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that consumers should immediately stop using the bunk and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or bond. Major retailers sell the product between $ 40 and $ 149, according to the agency.

This voluntary initiative by Fisher-Price was a reversal for the company, which issued a joint safety warning with the Product Safety Commission last week after the commission was informed of 10 deaths since 2015. children 3 months or older related to the sleeper. In most cases, the children suffocated after turning without sleeping in the bed, from the back to the stomach or to the side.

Mattel said Friday in a statement that he did not consider the safety of his products but accepted the voluntary recall "due to reported incidents in which the product was used contrary to the warnings and safety instructions ".

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