Fisher-Price recalls sleepers after the death of more than 30 babies

NEW YORK (AP) – Fisher-Price Friday recalled nearly 5 million baby sleepers after the deaths of more than 30 babies over a 10-year period.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that anyone who has purchased a Rock-Play bed-car from Fisher-Price should stop using it immediately and contact Fisher -Price to get a refund or a voucher. Sleepers, which are used to put babies to sleep, are padded cradles that vibrate.

Fisher-Price and the CPSC stated that the deaths occurred after the infants turned from the belly to the belly or to the sides while they were not attached, but they did not not specified how they died. In an article this week, Consumer Reports revealed that some of the infants died from asphyxiation.

A security warning was issued last week, but the American Academy of Pediatrics urged Fisher-Price and the CPSC to recall the sleepers, calling them "deadly."

In a statement released Friday, Fisher-Price said it was defending the safety of its products and had issued the voluntary recall "due to reported incidents in which the product had been used contrary to warnings and instructions from security".

The recall concerns about 4.7 million people who have sold between US $ 40 and US $ 149 since 2009.

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