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Five best products for Warriors fans to buy on Amazon Prime Day

OAKLAND – Almost every day in the past three seasons, Warrior General Manager Bob Myers has a familiar look at the basket on the north side of the Rakuten Performance Center: A Kevin Durant drenched in sweat launches a myriad of post jumpers -training.

While Myers was sitting a few feet from Durant's basket Monday afternoon, the presence of the attacker and the security cover of the championship that accompanied him are now in Brooklyn, marking the beginning of the change in Golden State.

"There is excitement, an awareness that it will not be easy," said Myers. "It's going to be different, but the change is coming in. You never know when, you never know how, but you always come."

The summer of change from Golden State began two weeks ago, acquiring Angelo Russell in an exchange of signs and exchanges soon after Durant announced his intention to join Brooklyn. For the agreement to work, the Warriors had to part with the $ 17 million salary of Andre Iguodala, trading the veteran in Memphis. After having drafted Jordan Poole, Eric Paschal and Alen Smailagic and added Willie Cauley Stein, Glenn Robinson and Alec Burks as autonomous players, the Warriors will enter the season with eight new players.

The transition of warriors coincides with an arms race in the Western Conference. A week before Durant's decision, the Los Angeles Lakers traded against giant Anthony Davis, combining star player with triple champion LeBron James. A few weeks later, Kawhi Leonard – who helped the Raptors defeat the Warriors in the NBA finals in 2019 – signed with the Los Angeles Clippers independently and brought fellow All-Star Paul George with him.

The summer comes at a moment of special danger for the warriors. As the team enters next season with three All-Stars in training, Golden State will be without Klay Thompson until the middle of the season as he recovers from a torn ACL. Still, Myers thinks the team can fight.

"Yes, the West keeps getting better," said Myers. "Can we be competitive? Yeah, I think we have a group that shows at least its core – Whenever Klay returns, with Draymond and Steph – it's a group that shows that they can win . "

The transition from the Golden State team gives priority to development rather than to victory. Last season, during the Warriors' pursuit of a third consecutive title, rust, complacency and injury resulted in curious defeats in the regular season. With a new composition, including three recruits, Myers thinks that the focus will be on forming a winner instead of keeping it.

"It will be different," said Myers. "It was not the regular season that mattered, it's good, but it takes a new meaning, I think for our fans – even for myself – you enter an arena, I think everything makes sense acute, which is fun.

"It's all happening at the right time," said Myers. "It's going to be a lot of teaching for Steve, he used to have some guys running in a system, it would be teaching, and I think he would embrace that too." "A lot of learning, a lot of kids." and down to the extent of winning and losing that we had before. "

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The availability of Myers for summer media is perhaps the most important change underway in the organization. In the coming months, team members will move from across San Francisco Bay to the Chase Center. Myers' view of Durant and the comfort of watching a penciled champion disappear, will give way to the unknown timeline of change before the franchise.

"It's a new dawn for us," Myers said. "But it's okay, we have not been in this position for five years, it will be fun and that does not mean it will be easy because their NBA experience requires a learning curve."

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