Five simple adjustments that men of middle age should make to their diet


NOTBefore saying "but you just told me to limit my consumption of dairy products", remember that milk and cheese are not the only sources of calcium in our diet. You can find 460 mg in 100 g of sardines, 40 mg in 15 g of almonds and 130 mg in 80 g of spinach.

5. Eat your skins of potatoes

Fiber is one of the inexpressed heroes of good nutrition, perhaps in part because it feels old-fashioned. There are many types of dietary fiber, but for our purposes we need to differentiate between soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs water to form a gel, while insoluble fiber remains largely intact and absorbs liquids that add to their mass.

Fiber, in all its forms, plays several important roles, including cholesterol reduction, weight management, appetite, energy levels and reduced risk of colon cancer. An adult man consumes about 30 g of fiber a day, but it seems that on average we consume less than 18 g.

The nutrient is found in cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. You can find 3.3 g of fiber in 100 g of cooked broccoli, while the same amount of brown rice contains 1.8 g, quinoa bakes 2.8 g and spinach 2.4 g. There is also fiber in the tubers, but especially in the skin, not in the flesh. For example, eating a white and mellow portion of a baked potato can provide 1.3 g per 100 g, but the skin also increases to 2.9 g.

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