Five things to know about the Northwest


They often say to keep your close friends and your enemies closer. That said, let's take a look at this week's opponent: the North West Wildcats.

L & # 39; s history

To begin, scream in the northwest.

The Wildcats clashed without a win outside the conference and started season 1 to 3. Since then, the North West team has won seven of their last eight games, giving the Cat # 39s their very first title Big Ten West. Now, the Chicago Big Ten will be playing its first conference title since 2000. It was a fantastic season for the Cats of Evanston.

Pat Fitzgerald is a wild cat from start to finish

Former linebacker for Northwestern University, Pat Fitzgerald made his coaching debut in 2006 after the death of Randy Walker. Entering his 13th year as a head coach, Fitzgerald is already the most winning coach in the history of the program.

Northwestern started the year with no rankings and, with Scott Frost's additions to the Wisconsin division and noble expectations, were chosen for another mediocre season. After three games, including a gross loss against Akron, running back Jeremy Larking was forced to retire medically from football.

Despite the retirement of his senior semi-offensive and several serious injuries, the Wildcats managed to cross the Big Ten West to win their ticket to Indianapolis.

Yesterday, Fitzgerald was unanimously named coach of the year by Big Ten.


Led by Clayton Thornton, the four-year-old starter, the Northwestern attack depends on the race and attacks the perimeter through the air. Thronton, who has collected 2,675 yards this season, is resisting short passes and sometimes deep blows after falling asleep.

While the Wildcats have used several halves this season, real freshman Isaiah Bowser begins to take on the role of star. A finalist for the Mr. Football Ohio Trophy last year, he has covered more than 700 meters in his last six games. Bowser is a powerful back with fast feet and powerful speed, which the Buckeyes have had to face all season.


The conservative style of Northwestern continues in defense. The Wildcats' defense is dominated by an incessant turn philosophy, forcing teams to travel long distances. The defense is happy to stay behind and has allowed only ten games over 40 yards this season.

Northwestern's game plan depends on linebackers who can cover and stuff the race. For this reason, Blake Gallagher, a sophomore, is arguably the most valuable player on their team. Gallagher leads the team in tackles (second in the Big Ten) and is able to make stops in the backfield.

History vs Ohio State

Between Northwestern and Ohio State, this encounter is as unequal as it is. The Buckeyes lead the final series 61-14-1 with their last defeat in 2004. Do not be fooled, however, the last time these two teams clashed, the Wildcats gave the Ohio State all they could manage in Columbus.

On Saturday, the Buckeyes will compete for consecutive Big Ten titles for the first time since 2009, after a season of controversy and underperformance. Northwestern will be looking for its first title as a conference champion for nearly two decades and the opportunity to play a major role in the Ohio State's game hopes.

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