Five things we learned from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll at the 2019 screening meeting


INDIANAPOLIS-Pete Carroll took part in the NFL scouting selection on Thursday, and seemed particularly optimistic, even by his ever-enthusiastic standards. Given how his team finished the 2018 season, winning six of his last seven games to qualify for the playoffs, and with so many young players emerging in larger roles last year, it's easy to understand why Carroll was so positive mood, which leads the five things we learned from the time Carroll spent in the media on Thursday:

1. Carroll thinks his team "can be really great" in 2019.

Expectations were not particularly great for the 2018 Seahawks, at least not outside of the organization, thanks to a dead season that let them part with a number of old-timers renowned fighters and make significant changes to the coaching staff. But after starting season 4-5, including consecutive losses early this year, the Seahawks have found their way, winning six of their last seven games to qualify for a Wild Card. This solid finish has thrilled Carroll for the future.

"It was so positive," he said. "Despite all the challenges we had to face in the off-season, so many challenges, even with the property and all the rest. This team found a mentality, direction, focus and spirit that made the desire to be part of this team really exciting. It's exciting to look to the future with these guys. They are at the heart of this program. If we can continue to grow and continue with what we have got, we have a chance to be a very good club. We can be really great. There is no one in our building who thinks differently. It's an exciting time. "

The fact that the Seahawks, who were the third team to score the most points in the league in the last eight weeks of the season (30.0 points per game), will have another year to their credit working with the offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and offensive line coach Mike Solari is another reason why Carroll has high hopes for his team.

"The fact that we had all the year with Mike and Brian and that they saw what our guys can do and how it harmonizes, as well as the style and how they combined we're just going to improve because of that, "says Carroll. "So we are going forward with a lot more really sharp information. It's really exciting. It was an exciting season for us as there were changes, growth and a great future. (Defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.) worked very well. His team, you know, did a great job for us. He liked to bring him back into the building with our players. I am very excited for us. Same thing, with all the things we just did, we can now move on to the next step with all the new knowledge. We will be different and we will improve in a really important way. "

Asked what his team needs to do to take this next step and realize its potential, Mr. Carroll said, "It's the growth of young men, which allows us to eliminate the bad things. You have to get rid of the bad games and they are explosive games, especially for the defense, that come to my mind. The lousy start to the game we had in attack in the first two games – we could not go – we left behind, but these are the things that should be settled and we hope that all guys are better, they are smarter. they are conscious. Think of a guy like Delano (Hill), he will be so much better prepared and will simply eliminate mistakes, mistakes, small hesitations, etc. You get a little better in many places, you improve immensely.

2. Carroll's reflections on the stand-alone players on standby, as well as Russell Wilson's future.

Just as General Manager John Schneider had done a day earlier, Carroll made it clear that Frank Clark was part of the team's plans for 2019 and was hoping for many more years.

"Frankie will be with us, yes," said Carroll.

Asked about a long-term contract, Carroll replied, "It's finally (the goal), yes. Frankie just turned 25, he is still a very young football player. We have taken an important step this year in terms of leadership, growth and maturity. It was so obvious. I was really proud to see that was developing for Frank. He played very well too. Frank, he's a very valuable football player and that's the process we're doing. All that, I can not tell you how it's going to go, but it's going to be positive for the Seahawks and for Frank. "

The Seahawks' two starting guards in 2018, D.J. Fluker and J. R. Sweezy are set to become free agents when the league new year begins, but Carroll hopes the two will be back.

"I'm counting on (Fluker), yes, I'm counting on him," said Carroll. "He did a great job last year. It had a big impact, just like Sweez. We want these two guys back.

"It's a free agency, you know, you have to go through it. It's all part of the process. We have a lot of depth in our relationships, we love these guys, they like what they do, they like to be part of it. Mike Solari did a fantastic job with these guys, they appreciate the whole formula. So there are positive aspects, but you know, I do not know how the other teams look at them, but for us, they're fine, so & # 39; We'll see if we can do it. I do not know.

The linebacker K.J. is another player that the Seahawks hope to keep in good condition. Wright, who had a knee injury last year but finished in force.

"It was a frustrating year for him, and like Doug (Baldwin), he could not play as he normally does," Carroll said. "But when he did, he really, very well played our program.He is a great asset, leader, performer, personality, everything in him, it's great to have him." with us, hoping that we can keep it, we will try to do it. "

Regarding Count Thomas, Carroll said that All-Pro Free security would test free will and encourage Thomas, no matter what the situation.

"He's been an amazing player to us and is part of everything we've accomplished," Carroll said. "The fact that he's at the end of his contract is his choice, what he has to do now, that's what's free. I am for all that Earl decides; it has been a fantastic part of everything and I encourage it. We just have to wait to see what happens, but he'll have some very good choices, I'm sure. "

As for quarterback Russell Wilson, who is entering the final year of his contract, Carroll said, "We finished the season with a very good meeting. This is in progress. We have a great relationship, we always work together. This is another big problem that is coming up. Everything is planned so that we work here as and when. "

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