Five things we learned on Wednesday from Steve Spagnuolo, General Manager of New Chiefs

Question: What did you do for the year of football (last year) and how was it?

"First of all, I'm glad I did it. There may have been another year where I would have done it. I found it both stimulating and rewarding. There was a lack of football and the coaching and camaraderie was not at the warm and sunny training camp and where you play football, it was a challenge, it was missing. The rewards were back and see an overview of the NFL and football as opposed to being in those buildings during the season and having the blinkers on the team that you're on the point of playing. I just think of an overview of the league, football, pros and cons, I have tons of notes.

"I had the opportunity because I lived in the Philadelphia area to go weekly to NFL Films and get access to the film. The young guys from Kansas City already know that I have a lot of plays that I wanted to play because I gave them as soon as I got here. Again, I would come back and say that it was difficult, but very rewarding. "

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